Saxon studio started playing out as a party set back in 1976, playing at local parties weddings and small functions in their community of Lewisham, South East London.Trevor Sax. Papa Levi & Tippa Irie.

Throughout the years to follow Saxon  became and was internationally known as the Number one U.K Sound System who was in a class of there own with there Dubplates and worldwide renowned artiste's feared by sound systems and DJ's from all over the Globe.

Circa 1982 they had a dance called  'DJ Jamboree' held in Lewisham, That dance was the start of new things to come for Saxon, people were coming from all over to see this sound perform. The entertainers grew and grew if one left then two more would approach us for a chance to be on the sound.

The first artist to emerge on Saxon was Papa Levi then came Maxi Priest Followed by Smiley Culture, all of whom had No:1 hit records and were all signed to Major record labels.

In 1984 Saxon sound was given a record label by Greensleeve's Chris Blackwell to use to promote the Saxon Singers and DJ's this label was called The 'UK Bubblers' Signed to this label were Saxon's Tippa Irie, Daddy Colonel, Daddy Sandy and Daddy Rusty.

In November of that year they recorded their first live LP called 'Coughing Up Fire' which turned out to be a great success for the sound system and their DJ's.

By This time DJ Papa Levi had already reached the Number 1 Spot in the English and Jamaican Reggae charts, with his record 'Mi God Mi King' and still to this day he is the only UK artist to have reached poll Position in Jamaica, and the first UK act to perform on Reggae Sunsplash.                                                                                               Junior San, Miss Irie, Muscle HeadAlso in that year and years to come Saxon had to face hard competition from other Sounds from all over the country. Like: Java, Unity, Coxsone, Volcano, Young Lion, Fatman, Ghetto Tone, Taurus, & Viking. {To Name a Few}

In 1985 Saxon stepped up the pace by being the 1st sound from the UK to do a full tour of the USA this caused a lot of anger from their UK counterparts. The tour was a great accomplishment and gained them worldwide recognition. This tour led to more international duties i.e. Jamaica, France, Germany, Bermuda, Sweden, Zimbabwe, Israel & Holland.

In 1985. Maxi Recorded His 1st LP 'You're Safe' In 1987 Maxi made the connection with Sly and Robbie and the self titled "Maxi Priest" album hit the charts internationally. This album contained the cover of Cat Stevens' "Wild World" which received heavy airplay world-wide.Daddy Rusty & Tippa Irie

In the year of 1986 Tippa Irie's 'Hello Darling' Reached into the Top Ten of the UK Pop Charts. This then led Tippa to become Europe's 1st international reggae act which then led Saxon to a more dates in Europe and onto Television programs.  

Whilst things were looking up for Saxon Things were even better for Smiley Culture he had two UK pop entry's 'Police Officer' and 'Cockney Translation' the latter of which went straight to number one. This opened many doors for Smiley, He received a television contract to make a TV show called 'Club Mix' On Channel 4.

Over the years sound systems changed, with the introduction of pirate/Community radio stations and radio DJ's. Many of the sound systems dropped out of the game this led to the opening of the Juggling style of playing were you would have five radio presenters and their records playing in the clubs and no sound system would be needed. This was also the downfall of Live Entertainment in the dancehalls.  

Many sound systems had to keep up with this fast pace and had to change to match the new trend. Saxon stayed into the game but this time without the DJ's.This New format took some time to get used too, but the die hard Saxon fans stayed with them.Mikey Boops, Muscle Head Trevor Sax

September 12th Saxon were requested to play in Birmingham For the 1992 UK SOUND CUP CLASH which included 'Luv Injection', 'V-Rocket', & 'Stereo Phonic'.Saxon came through this ordeal with cup in hand to retain their undisputed title as the UK's Number 1 Sound.

In March of the following year there was a lot of controversy about Saxon when they lost the World Sound Cup Clash in Edmonton's Roller Express,to Body Guard from Jamaica.

However Saxon never gave up, This only made them stronger to continue to prove themselves the real champions. And in April 1994 they had the chance to prove it once again, when they were invited to the Sanctuary in Milton Keynes to battle for the World Sound Cup.

This time Saxon's opponents were 'Kebra Negus, 'King Addis' and the 1993 cup holders 'Body Guard'. After a very hard combat Saxon came through unscaved to win the 1994 World Sound Cup.

Daddy Deadly

Saxon Sound have reached the pinnacle of their trade and are still revered as the Number 1 Sound system in the eyes and hearts of many.

Saxon are still touring the globe and have been the 1st choice sound of many performing artistes when they are doing stage shows as they still command a full following wherever they go.Daddy Sandy

Saxon Makes a special effort to give their everlasting fans some old skool music live on the sound with the singers and DJ's plus any Touring acts from JA And UK, At the NottingHill Carnival, West London every year.

Saxon Studio has just recently completed a tour over the xmas and new year season period of Germany Holland and Israel.

Saxon are Available For All functions Contact:

Muscle Head    07950 171 2960

                      07860 223 626

Mikey Boops    07958 689 146